At a young age I always moved things around. Always looking for a simpler and better solution. Yeah a bit OCD at times, but who isn't about something....Anything clear was something I gravitated to. So of course it had to be perfect. 

Fast forward many years, my obsession with acrylic took a new level. What I didn't know until I started looking into acrylic, is that they are not all the same. Many had plastic molded into them or the clarity and quality wasn't the same. Just like many products out there, it may look the same or similar, but its not. Quality is a factor. 

I have been working with acrylic since 2013. It's my main product. I may branch out in different directions, but acrylic will aways be there. I tweak my products along the way, based on feedback. I don't use a third party to make my products, nor a warehouse to store and ship. I am the sole owner. Though I do have support and assistance from my husband and children. 

Thats me in a nutshell....