How to install your standard acrylic calendar with cap hardware



Tools you need: Drill with drill bit size 1/4", level, hammer and screwdriver. 


1-Use the acrylic holes as your template

2-Make sure it is leveled

3-Mark your holes

4-Drill holes into the wall

5-Insert anchor into the hole and tap flush with hammer

6-Place the screw through the gold round spacer and

7-Insert the screw and round spacer into the acrylic hole and drill into the wall

8-Do this for all other holes

9-The screw should be flush into the round spacer

10-Once done take the caps and screw them on to the spacers


**Best if you do not tighten all of the cap screws all the way until you have all of them in place. 

Special thanks to Organized With Joy for the install video below!