Rainbow Responsibility Chart

Keep kids organized with school work, chores, and other responsibilities. This modern, clear chore chart makes it easy to track progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly level. Pair with our colorful liquid chalk markers for quick, fun updates! 


You can have the title in a rainbow color up to 8 letters for Font # 1-5 ONLY
You can also change the the word Weekly to any other word. Up to 8 letters.
I will add yellow color after the first letter for 8 letters. Yellow is a lighter color than the other colors shown.



STANDARD ACRYLIC is 3/16" thick. Sold with our cap hardware. The cap hardware is just the top part of the hardware without the back. It allows the acrylic to lay flat against the wall reducing any give. 

PREMIUM ACRYLIC is 3/8" thick. Double the thickness of the standard acrylic. Comes with the full standoff hardware. This allows it to float off the wall. 

Standard acrylic has some give when writing on it. Premium doesn't.


What's Included:
Hardware, screws and anchors.
Hanging instruction of course!


What Makes Our Acrylic Superior:
Only the highest quality cast acrylic is used.
They are professionally printed on the back.
Our edges are always polished.