Acrylic Dry Erase Calendar


Acrylic wall calendar design. The dry erase calendar is perfect for any busy schedule or just family activities. Extra large daily boxes, Notes and To Do. The weekly was designed to be universal. Can be used as menu board, appointments, events, birthdays and so on.

Acrylic Calendar Options:
-Select your acrylic thickness from either a standard 3/16" or premium 3/8"
-Sunday or Monday start date
-Choose from two hardware's and three colored hardware options (you can also get the calendar with no holes if you want to use command strips. Only for 3/16" is recommended

-Don't forget to add our wet erase markers to your order. They have been tested. Dry erase markers are too opaque for acrylic calendar. We want you to be able to use the acrylic once hung

What You Get:
Complete with high quality cast acrylic
Professionally printed on the back
Standoff hardware, screws and anchors included
Clear polished edges
Hanging instruction of course!
36x30 comes with 6 hardware (3 on each of the 36" side)

Four Sizes To Choose From:
16" x 20" ( Small ) Daily Box 1.5" x 1.75"
20" x 24" ( Medium ) Daily Box 2.5" x 2.75"
24" x 30" ( Large ) Daily Box 3.25 x 3.5"
30" x 36" ( XLarge ) Daily Box 4.0 x 4.25"

Select Size & Thickness:
Choose your size, you have four options and
select your acrylic thickness between a standard 3/16 or premium 3/8 acrylic
(3/16" has some give to it when writing, 3/8" doesn't)

Hardware Options:
You have three choices, No holes, if you would like to use command strips (standard 3/16" acrylic only)
Flush Mount or Full Standoff

In Personalization, Please Enter EXACTLY:
Sunday or Monday start date
Select your hardware color from either gold, black or silver
(leave blank if not using hardware)
Choose between black, white font, gold or pink
(Monday comes in two colors, black or white)

 📌Takes 3-4 weeks to ship

How to install your acrylic calendar

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