How to install your acrylic with cap hardware



Tools you need: Drill with drill bit size 1/4", level, hammer and screwdriver. 


1-Use the acrylic holes as your template

2-Make sure it is leveled

3-Mark your holes

4-Drill holes into the wall

5-Insert anchor into the hole and tap flush with hammer

6-Place the screw through the gold round spacer and

7-Insert the screw and round spacer into the acrylic hole and drill into the wall

8-Do this for all other holes

9-The screw should be flush into the round spacer

10-Once done take the caps and screw them on to the spacers


**Best if you do not tighten all the screws all the way until you have all of them in place.

 *** HARDWARE and if purchased MARKERS are located in a box within the packaging.  PLEASE DO NOT THROW THIS BOX OUT.